Hiking – La Creu de Castellar – Balenyà

La Creu de Castellar or Puig de la Creu is a hill that is left by the towns of Balenyà and Collsuspina and therefore between the counties of Osona and Moianès. It is a hill that is very hidden and therefore is a great unknown of mountaineering, but for that reason it enjoys a lot of tranquility, as is also a very pleasant route to do. At the bottom of the rocks where La Creu is located, you can find different top rope climbing routes.


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Top Rope Climbing – La Creu de Castellar

This is a climbing area in which you enjoy absolute tranquillity. When climbing up the rocks on the cross there are views of the Moianès and parts of Osona. Nearby is the Via Ferrata of the Baumes Corcades in Centelles. You can climb routes ranging from 4 to 8b.





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Roques del Barret – Bouldering Climbing

The Roques del Barret are a set of rocks located between the towns of Arbeca and Belianes and which are suitable for the practice of bouldering climbing. It has three sectors that provide problems of all levels. This is a very quiet area as it is far from large urban areas.






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Pont de Malafogassa – Wild Swimming – Vilanova de Sau

The Pont de Malafogassa is a bridge which crosses above the Riera Major near the municipality of Vilanova de Sau. It is an architectural jewel since it was built in the 15th century. At this point on the Riera Major there are some accesses to the water where you can enjoy some very calm waters, there are no great gorges or deep areas, but it is always a pleasure to freshen your feet in this area of the Riera Major. It must be remembered that river fauna is very fragile to human activity and the environment must be treated with respect and care.

Pont de Malafogassa1

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Gorra Frígia – Montserrat

Montserrat Mountain is a natural park that has an attraction and a special magic. In it you can practice multitudes of disciplines such as hiking, ferrata, climbing or classical climbing. The itinerary of climbing to the peak of La Gorra Frígia must be done by means of classical climbing.

Gorra Frígia pic

Gorra Frígia


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Bellmunt – 100 Cims – Sant Pere de Torelló

Bellmunt is one of the best known excursions in the Osona region. Not only because the excursion itself deserves a visit, but also it is one of the best views of the plain of Vic, since it allows to enjoy its vision in all its amplitude, although it must be said… If the characteristic fog of the zone allows it.



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Cadolles Fondes – Ulldemolins

Cadolles Fondes is a group of natural gorges formed in the Montsant river and near the town of Ulldemolins. Access is made by walking and it is a perfect hike for the hot summer days, as we can easily enjoy a good swim.


Cadolles fondes_1



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