Puig de les Miloques – Cassà de la Selva

The Puig de les Miloques is a small hill that is located in the middle of the massif of the Gavarres. This route passes through a path of low difficulty, which has the uniqueness of passing through a forest of cork oaks.



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Caos de Targasona

The Chaos of Targasona is a geological formation formed by more than 1000 rocks which are of suitable characteristics for the practice of bouldering climbing. Its location is adequate not only for the unusual forms of the rocks but also for the surroundings surrounded by high altitude mountains and often snow-covered.




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Tossal de la Moradilla – 100 cims – Els Alamús

The Tossal de la Moradilla is a small hill that is near the town of Alamús just next to Lleida city. This is a very quiet excursion with no technical difficulty. Often, a big amount of thyme can be found across these hills. Another singularity of the Tossal de la Moradilla is the bunkers hidden under the rocks that were used during the civil war.



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Bosc Encantat – Gurb

Easy and friendly stroll, it is really suitable for children since there are lots of wooden sculptures and nature explanations through the path.



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Tossal Gros de Vallbona – 100 Cims – Senan

Tossal Gros de Vallbona is an excellent balcony to observe the Camp de Tarragona. The proposed route begins in the quiet village of Senan and is of low difficulty. During the journey you can see the numerous amount of windmills that are found along the Serra del Tallat. The route is located in an area where wine, oil and nuts are produced. These lands offer a lot of tranquility and great gastronomic richness.

Tossal Vallbona 3

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Via Ferrata -Baumes Corcades – Centelles

La via ferrata de les Baumes Corcades begins just after the town of Centelles and arrives to the top of the Hill Puigsagordi. It must be said that it is not an easy route and therefore it is a road for hikers with some experience and training behind. One of the peculiarities of this route is that during its journey, traces of marine fossils can be seen on the rocks, because thousands of years ago, the level of the sea reached just this level. The other great attraction is the Tibetan bridge which is one of the longest in Europe (Always good to remember that you can avoid it if you aren’t in the mood), through the route there are many get away points which you can use in case you feel tired.


Traça_Baumes Corcades





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Canoying – Forat del Bulí – Ponts

Forat del Bulí is a canyoning route that could be cataloged as easy and is suitable for those people who start in this mode. Technical material such as strings and carabiners is not required, since the passage of the river can be done walking and swimming. This route offers great marvelous landscapes and also many places full of charm.





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